Design Great Study Spaces!


Design your study space to coordinate with the rest of the room. Add same color accessories and patterns.

Its back to school time again so make sure the students in your family are properly prepared for good study habits starting with a productive work space.  Of course, you will also want to make sure that the design of the study space works well with it’s surroundings. This isn’t just about good decorating, it’s about making sure there is cohesiveness within the space because that makes people feel more comfortable. If space is limited in your home try to find a comfortable area where there is little distractions and the possibility of disruptions.


Personalize the space with a quote or inspirational text!

A hallway may not seem like a good study spot but, think about it, people disperse into other rooms.  Remember, desk top lighting is always an important component. Also, consider your student’s personal tastes when designing the space to entice them to study.


Glam study space!

 Have to make room for two students?  Turn a small room (or even a walk-in closet) into a shared study or office. design-study-nookSpace for two!study-share-desks-table

Another way to close off a study or office space – use sliding doors!

A great way to put the work space away, try turning a closet into a study space.


One of the best places for a study space is the bedroom.  Choose a desk large enough for the type of work that will be going on.  Students may need more space depending on what they are studying.



 When space is at a premium in your home try using a desk in your bedroom instead of side table. mirrored-desk-bedroom-study-design

Place a desk in front of windows for an inspirational visual break.



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