The Best Ways to Decorate with Little Color Commitment!

paint a different colorTruth comes from the mouth of babes, as the saying goes. The kids have it right.  Color is the best way to update your home decor and improve your mood!  A lot of people are color phobic, either they are not sure how to use color or they think the fashionable color  will change (and it will).  The key to making your home comfortable and reflecting your style is to include the things you love!  One of the ways to express your personal style is through color!

Below are some easy and inexpensive ways to add color to your home decor.

Tip 1   Add color through decorative cushions, lamps, drapery, decorative accessories and throws ( I love throws best – form and function). Buy a 16″by16″ or 18″by18″ down filled cushion form so you can change up a zipper cover.Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy a cheap filled cushion that has a zipper cover with a pattern and/or color you love. Then throw away the cheap fill (or give it to the kids to play with) and cover the down filled cushion with the cover you really want.Why down filled?  A high quality and designer look cushion should always be able to keep the designer karate chop look.  What’s a designer karate chop? The “V” shape a down filled cushion should maintain.

Add color throws, cushions, decorative accessories or lighting.

Or you can add a pop of color to tone on tone decor.

Tip 2  Add color to a room with little time and commitment with an accent color wall.  Little expense and quick to change.

Tip 3   Add color to a kitchen or bathroom with a backsplash.

Tip 4  Add a colorful area rug


Tip 5  Add color with a painted furniture piece


Tip 6  Add a colorful mirror or picture frame(s)

Tip 7  Add color by painting the back panel of a bookshelf

Tip 8  Add colored pendent lighting

Tip 9   Add color to your kitchen with bar stools, small appliances or dishes, platters and cups.  Brave enough to add real excitement and interest, try a colorful kitchen island!



Have fun with color!


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