9 Costly Decorating Mistakes to Avoid!

#1 – Don’t put the color on the floor! Unless you want to be changing the wall-to-wall carpeting or tile in a couple of years. Use neutrals such as taupe, white, beige, black or grey (or as I like to call it greige) for elements considered “fixed”.  Do invest in a colorful area rug or wall paint.

#2 – Don’t over do the decorating.  Mix, match and co-ordinate!  Avoid overly repeating the style, theme, colors and patterns.

#3 – Don’t use neutral colors for every thing. Choose what is going to be the neutral color depending on your circumstances.  Are you renting and can’t change the beige wall?  Try an area rug with color and pattern and use your accessories to evoke the mood.  If you are purposely wanting  tone-on-tone decor make sure to add visual interest with patterned fabrics, textures from your accessories and eye popping grains on wood or other natural materials.

#4 – Don’t let the sales person decorate for you.  Make sure your rooms have some personal touches and reflect your style.

#5 – Don’t put all the good stuff in the living room.  The days of roping off the living room and the plastic covers are gone.  Enjoy the things that make you happy.  Be able to look at the things you either worked so hard for or sentimental gifts everyday.

#6 – Don’t buy a piece of furniture to keep the peace!  In the long run divorce is more expensive.  We all hold grudges from time to time and the worst thing would be to be reminded of it daily.  Find a compromise or move on.

#7 – Don’t buy themed furniture for the kid’s bedroom.  You’ll be lucky to get 3 years out of it. If she really wants to be a princess buy her just the fancy headboard and a crown.

#8 – Don’t buy furniture for just one use, especially if you’re just starting out.  Buy an ottoman with storage, an expanding leaf table, a hallway table with drawers for storage or dresser that can be used in other rooms later on.  You get the idea.

#9 – Don’t choose the paint color first. Not only is this a costly mistake it can also take up  a lot of your time to right the wrong. Find an inspirational piece, the easiest one being fabric. The fabric can be on an accent chair, decorative cushion, drapes, etc.


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