Family Friendly Family Rooms!

Family rooms unlike living rooms are typically more casual spaces.  For those of us who have a more traditional house layout that includes both a family and a living room,  the trend has been for adults to retreat to the living room to escape the toys and the noise.  The family room should be for the whole family to come together and enjoy more than just a movie.

There are many things that can be done to create a family room that appeals to the whole family.

First -storage, storage, storage.  The kid’s toys don’t usually coordinate with their surroundings which makes the room less visually appealing and not conducive to a relaxing space.  Built-in cabinetry offers one  of the best ways to customize your storage needs.  Modular shelving is a great alternative to built-ins.  If you have younger kids use shelf baskets with handles to encourage them to put their stuff away.  Teach the kids to put away their toys by dumping them in the baskets when they are done playing.  Remind the kids that putting away toys is a safety issue.

Family room components

Family room components

Making a family friendly family room does not limit style.  My decorating philosophy has always been the further you go into the house the less formal it becomes.  However, the decor style remains cohesive through out the home.

A family room should include family photographs, family value statements and the family’s proud achievements, including the kids artwork.

Try to keep the family room flexible.  Add multi-use furniture such as garden stools which can serve as additional seating, foot stools or just a place to put a drink down. Large floor cushions are great too, but make sure to get the zippered kind so you are able to wash the cover, especially if the family member includes a pet.


3 thoughts on “Family Friendly Family Rooms!

  1. We have a family room and a living room and do try to escape the toys! There is a storage/coffee table that keeps blankets for movie nights 🙂 Stopping by thanks to #SITSBlogging.

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