You had me at Grey!

First, I’ve always spelled it grey but in doing the research for this post I wanted to make sure.  Apparently, gray is the American spelling while grey is the original British spelling.  Either way both are considered correct and acceptable.

I guess it’s only fitting that such a powerful neutral color should warrant two spellings.  There are hundreds maybe even over a thousand shades of grey.  I don’t think anyone has ever really counted.

Grey is a neutral color which allows an accent color to be pronounced to higher levels than other typical neutrals . Grey can be often thought of as cold. I believe grey is very versatile and can be warm or cool depending on the shade and how it’s used with other colors.  Can you think of a color that doesn’t work with grey?  Either can I.

Grey is the hot neutral de jour but the shade gaining momentum is  charcoal.  Still trending today is grey and yellow and that’s where we start.

Grey and pink are classic. Both soft and hot pink work well with grey.

All hues of green continue to trend but especially when paired with grey.

Another classic pairing is grey and red, very popular Christmas motif too.

Grey and blue is soothing and often comes across as delicate.  There are many shades of blue that work so well with grey. Everything from cobalt blue to aqua.

Grey’s new and vibrant partner is orange.  Orange can be found in different hues from rust to brightly infused with yellow.  A softer version of orange is Coral which has been gaining ground because of it’s closeness to pink derived from nature.

My personal favorite combination is purple and grey.  Cool grey is warmed with plums and purples.

And, grey works so well with many brown wood stains too.

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