Chic and Cheerful Contemporary Fall Table Setting

I have a couple of confessions to make, first, I’d rather decorate the table than cook and I hate table cloths.  I do however, love to use my dining room for every celebration I can because life’s too short not to enjoy the “good” china.  I only use a table cloth with a plastic table top cover to protect the glass and wood when I host younger kids.

This year we were a few family members short for Canadian Thanksgiving dinner, but thanks to Skype our relatives were still able keep the conversation flowing while the university students ate their cafeteria turkey.  The important thing is that we were still all together for Thanksgiving and I had less clean up.  So virtual guests are a really good thing.

When it comes to an attractive table scape, always keep a few things in mind.  One, I like it to be a surprise and I love to wow my guests, but I don’t like a table setting to be too fussy and complicated.  I prefer a natural or contemporary setting and lastly I don’t want to spend much.

Decorative Table setting components

Decorative Table setting components

The first thing I do is look around my house for something I already have that inspires me.  I had bought two white bark-like vases for $10 last year and thought it would transend a natural theme well.  I found at my local super market a box of died uniformed cut branches and co-ordinating branch wrapped pear and apple shapes which I used for place holders.  I could have gone out to my backyard and cut a few branches to equal lengths but they were pretty cheap so I saved myself time.  I already had the antlers (ceramic) and the hurricane and everything else.  So for under $20 I created a contemporary table scape.

Bon Appetite

Bon Appetite

I like using table runners horizontally as place mats which makes the table scape look contemporary.  To get the right length you can just sew or use sewing tape on a regular table runner to the width of your table.  It seems a horizontal table runner is common practise in Europe because I was lucky enough to find these lovely linen runners with the exact width in Paris when I was there for a trade show.  I also came across paper napkins (yes, paper) that were a perfect color, pattern and price. Use two folded paper napkins back to back to get that fuller look on your napkin ring.

Just waiting for the wine!

Just waiting for the wine!

Don’t fret about the dinnerware, when you’re dressing up the table it makes almost any dinnerware look really good.  I’ve had this dinnerware setting for years and some how I was smart enough to purchase a classic  pattern bone china.  The plates have a simple gold and platinum Greek key in a circular pattern.  For that designer layered effect always add a charger.  The ones I used have a faux wood grain.  They are available is all sorts of places now and in all sorts of colors and patterns. Finally, nothing completes the mood like candle light.  I like placing candles all around the dining room not just on the table.

Candle Light

Dinner by candle light


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