Powdery Pumpkins

Love Ghost White Pumpkins!

Blue Bergitt

Forget the orange, folks. (Tangerine Tango is SO last year!) This fall, the autumnal decorating trend eschews a traditional harvest palette in favor of rustic pumpkin accents in a dreamy white. (I’m so sorry I don’t have the original photo credits for these great pics – they’re assembled from Pinterest; so if you’re curious, follow this link.)

White Pumpkin_1Pumpkin_20White Pumpkin_2White Pumpkin_3Pumpkin_19White Pumpkin_4White Pumpkin_5White Pumpkin_6White Pumpkin_7Pumpkin_18White Pumpkin_9White Pumpkin_10White Pumpkin_11Pumpkin_17White Pumpkin_12White Pumpkin_13White Pumpkin_14White Pumpkin_15White Pumpkin_16

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