Trending Pattern – Houndstooth and Greek Key

Wondering through the labyrinth that is High Point, North Carolina which is said to be North America’s largest furniture trade show I noticed the resurgence of two classic patterns.  Houndstooth has been an on-again, off-again pattern, most popular shown in black and white.  Another classic pattern, dating back to when the Romans ruled Greece is the Greek Key.

Greek Key Pattern

Greek Key Pattern

The Greek Key has had a modern rebirth with various designs with or without a pattern repeat.  Note the repeat pattern on the green ottoman versus the chrome lamp.

The Houndstooth pattern unlike the Greek Key was originally woven fabric.  Today, it too has many fun variations.  I think the most interesting modification has been to take the pattern large scale as shown on the headboard.  My personal motto about houndstooth is never throw it out, it will come back again.

Houndstooth pattern

Houndstooth pattern


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