What’s Up with Ceilings?

Look up.  What do you see?  A plain simple ceiling?  For a long time ceilings have been ignored since the era of decorative plaster work.  Today it’s a whole different story with the advent of nine foot ceilings or higher becoming the norm in new house building.

You would think there is an unwritten rule that ceilings must be white, but ceilings are just another surface that can and should be part of the decor.  Coffered ceilings are sometimes referred to as waffle ceilings and they have become one of the most requested upgrades in a new home, second only to granite countertops.  Coffered ceiling treatments add instant character to any home.

There are ways to include the look of coffered ceilings in your home, even if you have the typical eight foot ceiling.  I love design cheats!  There are many more ways to dress the ceiling which means, yes, the artificial beams are back.

With continued preference for open concept living the purpose of the room can get lost.  Ceilings details are another great way to define a space.

Ceiling treatments have long been considered traditional because of the added millwork.  Ceiling treatments can be designed to fit any decor style.  Typically, when creating a contemporary or modern decor style ceiling we use the less is more theory.

Ceiling details are only limited by imagination and a budget.  Here are some amazing ceiling details.

There are some easy and creative ceiling treatments that mimic the grandiose style of homes with higher ceilings.  Inset ceiling dry wall three or four inches to make a boarder and you have created a design featured ceiling.   A great design cheat is to add thin strapping waffle style to a plain ceiling. Remove the popcorn finish first.  It’s not hard to remove the popcorn ceiling, if it has not been painted .  Just spray water to small area, wait a few seconds and scrape with a trowel.

A long standing favourite is the ceiling beam.  There are many ways to create ceiling beams to suit any decor style.

Next time you’re considering redecorating, don’t ignore your ceiling.


7 thoughts on “What’s Up with Ceilings?

  1. Ceilings make a house complete. They’re what we see when we take a break to imagine things. They’re often overlooked to save money – ignored, too plain, or sprayed with the dreaded “cottage cheese”. Who doesn’t want to look up and see beautiful crown molding, carefully chosen colors, historic boards, or a beautiful chandelier? Thanks for posting!

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