Trend Alert – Purist Design!

The Purist design phrase has been coined by Eastern European designers.  Purist Design can also be thought of as farmhouse modern.  It emits a sense of serene melancholy. Purist design has been gaining momentum in North America.   It’s easily identifiable by it’s combination of natural forms, woods and raw organic surrounding elements, hence the name – purist.  It’s just one of those design concepts that you know it when you see it.

Although a little darker than I would normally like, there is a down home eco charm about it that comforts.  Natural finish walls and ceilings add to the Purist feel.  The most noticeable element is color, specifically grey.  Grey had become the most popular neutral which has brought the Purist design form to it’s popularity.

Like other design styles you can find the purist design fit into traditional as well as contemporary and modern versions.

Contemporary versions use lighter woods.

Purist design has also added a twist to the almost forgotten Shabby Chic.  Shabby Chic is showing less distressed design elements replaced with natural and raw items.


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