The Designer Way to Accessorize your Coffee Table

A coffee table is an essential piece of furniture to any living room or family room.  A coffee table adds form and more importantly, function to a space.  After spending all that time hunting for the perfect coffee table you want to accessorize it perfectly. How do you do that?  First let’s start with keeping in mind that the coffee table does perform a function in the room.  You must leave room to place drinks and what-nots.  Now  that we got function out of the way, let’s get creative!

What do you want your visitors to see?  What will keep your guests entertained?  Most importantly, what will work best for the style of coffee table or what you use as a coffee table?  I say that because, I love to use out-of-the-ordinary pieces as coffee tables.

When considering how to best display and organize your coffee table, start with books.  Books entertain, add color and say something about  you’re interests.

Use trays to create an organized, attention grabbing vignette.

The rest are candles and candle holders, vases and flowers, games and other knick knacks.  Keep these items grouped in a-like assortments.  Vary heights for visual interest.

Sometimes depending on what kind of coffee table you have, what goes under the coffee table is just as important as what’s on the coffee table.  A coffee table with a shelf below is a great way to control clutter and organize your important items.  Pay close attention to what is placed under the coffee table.  You can show off a great area rug or place a point of interest under the coffee table.

When you use a non-typical coffee table there are a few special considerations.  For instance, if you have selected several small accent tables, keep the display items to a minimum.  For weaved look tables, use trays and candy dishes as a way to place a drink.


2 thoughts on “The Designer Way to Accessorize your Coffee Table

  1. Interesting ideas. I live coffee tables you can put your feet on (even if I hate when other people do it at my house).
    If I can complain about something it’s the quality of images. Maybe it’s just my phone browser but they all seem blurry 😦

  2. Thanks for your reply. I like putting my feet up too. That’s why I love trays, it’s easy to just move them aside.
    The images don’t seem blurry on my Mac.

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