You’ll be Floored!

Wood flooring is more popular than ever! According to Real Estate Board statistics home buyers’ top request is wood flooring.  Aside from it’s practical easy clean and reduced allergy reactions, wood floors just add instant warmth and character.  With the growing demand some wood flooring types have  become more affordable than wall to wall carpeting.  This is great news for consumers because it has opened up a slew of incredible options.

Today, there is little demand for the conventional red oak flooring and espresso finish flooring is fading too.  The trend is towards grey washed woods with wide planks. Dark wood floors are still evolving but when I say dark I’m talking black or near black.  I happen to love opaque black wood finish but, the downfall is that it’s unlikely they can ever be refinished to a light stain.

The eco movement combines with the grayed flooring trend and has popularized up-recycling used wood. Reclaimed wood floors are hot, but pricey.  No matter, there are manufactured wood floor planks made to replicate scraped and worn floors, but they are not as sustainable as the real thing.  In addition we are seeing new wood flooring patterns making their way back.  Looks that once graced the floors of  European villas are now mass produced.

Far more rustic wood planks are in demand and more styles are being made available all the time.  In a nutshell if you’re considering wood flooring and it looks new coming out of the box, has a honey/yellow or red undertones, stay away.

The lesson here is, the more worn, distressed and greyed out the floor looks the more appeal it has.


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