Contemporary Christmas – Keep it Simple

We’re all busy.  So when Christmas comes around, as much as I enjoy it, it is an interruption.  When I decorate a space I always keep holiday decorating in mind.  I choose some decor items with holiday decorating versatility in mind.  We love the holidays but I don’t always have time to decorate for them the way I would really like.  Choose classic shaped vases, lanterns and candle holders that can accommodate holiday decor.

Here’s how I make it easier on myself. First, I work with what I’ve got creatively. Every year I try to work holiday decorating a little different than the previous year.  I’m not a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas, so anything goes.  However, I don’t venture far from the room’s design style and I work in the pieces already in use.

Start with the mantle and work in Christmas decor. In my house the living room and dining room are open to the entrance hallway, so the fireplace is a real focal point. I’m pointing this out because the Christmas tree is in the living room but the fireplace still draws all the attention.

Years ago, I decided on contemporary silver and white.  White is a good choice because it represents winter snow, and more importantly, all the millwork in the house is white. Using a color already in your decor scheme creates a contemporary cohesive look and it just makes it easier for holiday decorating.

Coffee tables attract a lot of attention too. Add a few holiday decor items amongst the coffee table landscape, but don’t forget to leave room for putting down a few drinking glasses.  Another way to emphasize your  decor theme is to include some aspect of it onto your Christmas tree.

Expand holiday decor into other public spaces, like the main entrance to make a statement.  A time saver is to include in your everyday decor a vase to which you can add holiday decor, like twigs or picks.  Re-assign decorative items from other areas that can be customized for the holidays. The lanterns under the glass console table in the photo are used outdoors during summer and at the front door in the fall.

This year I created a simple tree of gifts.  It’s easy to do by using a planter and wrap ascending sized boxes with coordinating paper. Another option to garland is to add simple and inexpensive Christmas ornaments, or as in my case text between spindles.

Think of how you can incorporate elements of your  Christmas decor as part of your table setting and serving area.  Using ornaments and other Christmas decor with your trays and serving platters creates greater festive atmosphere.

Christmas decor doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive, it just takes some planning and a little creativity.


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