24 Chic, Cheap and Cheerful Ways to Decorate with Twigs

If you are feeling like you’re running out of time to decorate for Christmas, just take a walk outside your door.  Maybe you have a park or a walking trail or even your backyard can be full of inexpensive inspiration.  Small branches or twigs make a great start to some really dramatic Christmas decor.  My next door neighbour has an over grown tree and when we have a wind storm I know that I will have a marketplace of branches to choose from.  I just collect a few and leave them in the garage until the next time I need some motivation.

Branches and twigs are a great start to some incredible holiday decorating.  Most of the time I spray paint  branches, but even that is not necessary. Look through your Christmas ornaments and get creative.  You can add ribbon, mini LED lights, fake snow and a lot more to bring your twig master piece to life. I’ve included some of the best creative branch and twig ideas I’ve seen for inspiration.

Consider using branches without a container.  Twigs and branches can be used as chandeliers, wall decor and on fireplace mantles, just to name a few.

In addition, twigs add that finishing touch to table settings or they look great just on their own.  Happy twig hunting!

Please share your creative branches and twig ideas.


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