The Best of 2013 Interior Design Trends Going into 2014

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Here we are at the end of another year.  Was 2013 really any different than any other year?  That’s a loaded question, but I mean, we’ve all had our own individual challenges, countries have had their ups and downs.  Media has run a muck.  The world has technologically advanced. Here I sit writing a blog on decor trends.  I write about things I love exactly because the outside world is moving blazingly fast.

Decor enthusiasts don’t just want to make their homes nice, we want our homes to comfort those within it.  The act of decorating our nest in of itself is empowering and comforting.  Within our walls we have control and creative license.

Trends occur because a large number of people agree that they like something, and we like a lot of stuff beyond the twelve  trends I’m going to discuss.  These top twelve trends are based on research and vision.  Trend prediction is more art than science.

Although technically speaking not a decorating trend, urbanization affects how we decorate.  Urban living spaces are typically smaller, closer together and come with a lot of compromise. Space, small or large is not a factor on most 2013 trends and those going forward, but it is an ever growing movement.

Let’s start with color.  We saw grey come on strong and it will continue to progress and transform into greige (grey and beige) as the go-to neutral for 2014.  I also think that charcoal grey will grow in popularity as an alternative to black.

Slowly but surely, gold and brass has made their way back into our lives.  Now and even more so in near future, gold is the new silver. Don’t throw out your chrome and silver items, but work them in together so you have a visually balanced amount of each.

Globally inspired patterns and materials will continue to influence all interior aspects.  We’ve seen the Moroccan trellis dominate pattern motifs. This year Native patterns have been offered as the alternative for 2013.

Wallpaper has been steadily making a come back, but it’s being used sparingly. You will find wallpaper mostly on accent walls. The wallpaper used today is bold and usually dominates the space.  Wallpaper will evolve with strong graphics and floral patterns.

The popularity of grey stained woods has been popular for years in Europe and in 2013 we saw it finally over take the espresso finish we’ve been living with for so long. Sorry, but espresso finish is dying out.

Pops of colour add personality to any room with a neutral background.  This is a great way to select a color without much commitment and because of that, applying color in small doses will continue to be popular.

Wall and ceiling embellishments have been gaining momentum over the last couple of years.  Stained or painted wood has moved beyond flooring.  Wall and ceiling molding continues to grow in popularity. Having a coffered ceiling or a panelled wall is the way to go, but this is not your parent’s panelling. Many manufacturers are creating ways to mimic high end finished walls or ceiling with affordable kits easy enough for any DIYer. So I see a lot of creative molding designs in 2014.

Clustered lighting is a modern design idea, but now clustered light pendants are available in all design styles from  traditional to country chic. My only grievance with this hot new design trend is that most of these lighting fixtures use incandescent bulbs, which as you know use up more electricity and therefore not as efficient as newer bulbs on the market.

Retro furniture has become so fashionable it’s becoming protrusive even in traditional decor.  Juxtapose a retro piece among opposing decor and it creates instant impact.

Prism patterns and design is similar to a diamond cut shape.  There’s a futuristic look about this shape that has made it so popular.

Faux fur has exploded on the scene this year. What’s not to like about it?  Faux fur feels warm and cozy.  It adds texture and interest to any room.

Bare and raw woods is not only used as furniture, although that is it’s most popular form.  Raw wood is used on walls, floors and stairs.  With the world’s focus on sustainable resources, wood in it’s natural form has revered admiration for it’s innate qualities that will continue into 2014.

What trends do you like and have included into your decor?


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