Create a Nordic Table Setting using the Classics

Christmas and Thanksgiving are the only two times of the year I really go all out to create a memorable table setting.  Christmas is the more fun of the two holidays with almost limitless ideas.  This year faux fur throws have been very popular and I’ve acquired a couple.  Faux fur is a prominent part of the popular Nordic look  which is widely available.

When I found a faux fur wreath on sale I knew that’s where I should start.  I already had most of the stuff for my icy Nordic theme table setting like snowflake dessert plates, white linen and faux bois chargers.  You can really save a lot of money by investing in some great classic white linen table cloth, napkins and hard waring white round dinner plates.  I use my classic basics as the building blocks to  design a table setting by adding fun accessory items.

My Christmas decor theme has been white and silver for a few years now so adding some fur elements is a great design update. I used some natural elements like pinecones I picked up at the park earlier and put them under a glass dome I had lying around. I added candle holders I use year round to finish off my centre piece.


Draping the faux fur throws over the dining room chairs continues the theme and adds a warm luxurious feel.

The icy Nordic theme was carried on the buffet and fireplace mantle.

Candle light is must because it adds sparkle and elevates the mood of your event.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Feel free to ask any design questions. I will get back to you after the holidays.

oscar with wreath

We wish you a very merry holiday! Enjoy and stay safe.


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