2014 Top 12 Decorating Trends

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Welcome to 2014!  We all want to know what’s going to be hot in the following weeks, months and year.  There are thousands of trends out there, I’ve listed just the top 12 most visible.  What ever the trend, personalization is the key element to making it your own.

Starting with patterns, we’ll see everything from futuristic prisms to romantic florals this year.  Going strong and developing new forms of itself is futuristic prism patterns.  These forms can be found on anything from lighting to mirrors to area rugs.

Romantic grandeur goes far beyond just floral prints, but introducing just a hint of  botanic impressions goes a long way to creating fanciful and dreamy decor.

Nomad inspired patterns like Native Indian and African patterns are over taking last year’s Moroccan patterns.

Grey will continue to play the neutral leader, but we’ll start seeing a softening with taupe (or greige) coming on strong.

In keeping with neutrals, black is back, and in a big way.  Black – always classy and versatile.

Pastels will finally make some headway this year.  This is great timing for those who shy away from jewel tones. Note most of the pastels are in combination with light greys.

Pantone’s 2014 color of the year  – Radiant Orchid will grow in popularity simply because it’s a very commercially viable color. Pantone’s 2013 color of the year was Emerald Green which gained strength about middle of last year as manufacturers caught up with Pantone’s selection.

Hits of color are still hot for 2014.  This year we’ll see hits of color in our favorite room of the house – the Kitchen. Using color cabinets will blast your kitchen into 2014 above doing anything else to it.

When it comes to a developing decor style we head back to the future, to the Edwardian era for inspiration.  It’s not about decorating Edwardian style but infusing some classic Edwardian elements.

Retro chic influences continue to play a big role by adding key interest furniture pieces to any room.   Adding mid-century elements not only adds character to a room it’s also a good future investment.

Simple 2014 updates can be as simple as changing out door hardware, because gold is the new silver!  After about a decade of silver dominance we see gold making it’s way back as the preferred metal.  Gold has made it’s revival coming back with high end sophistication.  No need to go gold crazy, just add a few thoughtful decorative accessories through out the home.

Wood has continually increased it’s value as a precious commodity, and for it’s innate rugged beauty we crave to capture it in our homes. Raw wood, used sparingly attracts touch and visual senses.

If you are planning on making decorating changes in 2014 share with us.  Are you considering including any of the above trends?  Got decorating questions, let me know.

Wishing you a happy decorating year!


11 thoughts on “2014 Top 12 Decorating Trends

  1. I love the picture of the black and cream bedding. I have been looking for something like that for my master bedroom. Do you know where that came from? Thanks.

    • Many stores have that type of bedding. It’s called the hotel look. If you’re in the states I think Macy’s or other major department stores should have it. If you live in Canada try The Bay or if all else fails, Google it and I know you’ll find it on-line.

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