Redecorating Resolutions 2014

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Got home decorating or renovation resolutions for 2014?  Every year I have a few things I want to redesign or renovate in the house. Some times they get done and some times they don’t.

This year I’m determined to accomplish three things I’ve been putting off for a while.  We’ve lived in this house for just over two years and the main floor has gotten a total make over, but the second floor has seen little updating.

Number one priority for 2014 is to redo my son’s room who has recently turned sixteen.  Needless to say he’s outgrown his twin bed.  My son and I have agreed on chartreuse accents with gray and white neutral colors and we both love industrial accessories. We’ve found inspiration in these photos.

The second home resolution project on my list is to update the hallway doors by simply painting them black.  Check out these beauties. The big decision here is, do I use semi-gloss or high gloss paint?  Give me your thoughts.

And lastly, the biggest project is to finally decorate my master bedroom.  I’ll be buying some new furniture, mainly a new headboard and doing a DIY project on a dresser.  The master bedroom will get a soft seafoam aqua color on the walls.

This home redecorating resolution list should keep me busy for the rest of this year.  I’ll be blogging about the results so stay tuned.

I’d love to hear about your 2014 home decor resolutions.  If you have any decorating questions just let me know!


5 thoughts on “Redecorating Resolutions 2014

    • Well, I’ve changed my mind about the seafoam on the walls. I will still the seafoam in accents. I am 3/4 through the updates I wanted, now I will have to paint the walls with a special detail that will surprise my readers! Stay tuned and thanks for commenting.

  1. I love the inspiration photos for your son’s bedroom renovation! We are living in one house, trying to sell another, so I feel like we can’t do any real decorating until the old house is sold. It’s killing me!

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