Top 9 Kitchen Design Trends for 2014 and Beyond

Perhaps the most fundamental shift in home design over the past 25 years has been the open concept kitchen.

In the past, kitchens were relegated to one, disconnected room, generally in the back of a home. Now, kitchens open up into the living space, a trend that isn’t going anywhere.  The kitchen has firmly established itself as the centre of the home making it the most renovated room in any dwelling.

A kitchen must first be functional by correctly placing appliances, sink and storage.  The kitchen must be comfortable for those sharing the household too. Think about kids and appliances.  You probably don’t want young kids to use the stove, but they can use the microwave, so the microwave should be placed lower than the counter.  You might want the kids to have accesability to the fridge contents. The more the kids can do for themselves, the easier your life will be.

The look of the kitchen cupboards is changing, the trend is going away from dark wood to white and lighter uniform grain finishes.  The overall kitchen design trend is to make the kitchen less formal.  Consider some of the following kitchen trends that can be done to update or completely renovate the heart of your home.

1. The latest kitchen trend is what I term – the Bistro style kitchen. Ever notice how relaxed and appealing your near and dear bistro or coffee shop is to you?  Well, that’s the latest kitchen style influence. What does your favorite bistro decor have that you can incorporate into your kitchen?  Many common bistro design elements can be easily replicated in any kitchen like over sized lighting, open shelving, simple tile pattern backsplash walls, bentwood chairs, natural counter tops, industrial style appliances and black boards or black board painted walls.

2.  Color kitchen cabinetry is so much more interesting than plain wood cabinets.  The addition of color cabinetry can change an otherwise typical kitchen to dramatic fun. Color cabinetry can be easily achieved by painting the interior of kitchen cupboards.

3. Black is the new white kitchen. Yes, black will become as popular as white cabinetry.  Black is elegant, sophisticated and the best part, it doesn’t show  dirt like white cabinets can.  Black cabinetry adapts well to all decor styles.  Whether you prefer a rustic or contemporary kitchen there are so many black  style and finishes to choose from.

4. Enough about cabinetry.  A backsplash can add nuance to any kitchen.  Glass has been gaining in popularity because of it’s versatility and color options. Much of the glass used in these applications comes from recycled glass making it an ideal eco friendly product.  Glass backsplash can be applied as cut tile or full sheets.

5. Concrete is not new but can add that contemporary appeal to a kitchen.  Concrete is much more faceted than you might think, the finished product can have enduring copious substance. Concrete is easy enough for the average DIYer to attempt which has made it a popular option.  Concrete is not without it’s complications but most of which can be easily remedied.

6.  White marble probably hasn’t been this popular since the days of the Roman Empire. White marble, also known as Carrara marble is a creamy white base with greyish veins.  Carrara marble is widely popular because it’s an uncomplicated neutral stone.  However, Carrara marble is not recommended as a kitchen counter top because it’s softer and more porous than other marbles and granite.  If you don’t mind a few extra scratches and more upkeep than go for it, other wise use white marble as the backsplash or sparingly on a kitchen island.

7. Multiple pendent and sconce lighting adds another decor element to the kitchen.  Using decorative lighting improves form and function. Consider where you’re more likely to require task lighting and instead or in conjunction with pot lights, install decorative sconce or pendent lighting.

8.  Open shelving serves more than just a way to find needed items quickly.  It does take a little more work to organize and keep neat but it’s worth it to keep your favorite items visible and accessible.  If you’re a neat freak like me and prefer to maintain an organized kitchen, but still want that open display look than dedicate a smaller wall section of the kitchen to open shelving.

9.  Kitchen islands and more importantly mobile islands add more storage space and can easily be moved when more open space is required.  Kitchen islands are another great way to unify the space with color, texture and finish.  Include an over hang top of at least six inches and you’ve got an eating ledge.

The kitchen has been the centre of the home long before we had all the modern amenities. Today we gather in the kitchen more than ever before, we congregate there for food, sharing and socializing, knowing this makes investing in the heart of the home even more worth while.

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20 thoughts on “Top 9 Kitchen Design Trends for 2014 and Beyond

  1. Great round up! I love, love, LOVE bistro style kitchen! We found some awesome large pendant lamps today at one of our local vintage shops and this post is making me itch to go back and buy them before they’re snapped up. Stopping by via SITS! 🙂

  2. I am learning so much every time I read your blog. I am fortunate to have a large open concept kitchen with a big island but looking at your images I think my kitchen is quite dated looking in comparison. The cupboards are nice looking but I would love to go to the lighter oatmeal look with dark counter tops. I also love the bistro style but can’t get by thinking about the dust and having to keep everything super neat that is sitting on the open shelving. I will stick with storage where I can close the doors and hide everything. Thanks for sharing!

    • I know what you mean about the open storage. It does take a little bit more discipline but if planned out based on the criteria of what gets used less often and how it will display on the shelf, having open shelves is easy to adapt to. I was lucky enough to have enough room for pantry cabinets and open shelves.

      • Good point! I think it also forces you to only keep what you plan on using! I would also want to buy dishware that looked decorative on the table and on the open shelving!

  3. Thanks for this roundup. We redid our kitchen almost two years ago and I’m glad to see some of my picks are still trending, yes! For one, we chose a concrete countertop and just love it. It was made by our contractor right in our back yard, and was waaaay cheaper than marble (my second choice!). They have to be sanded down an re-waxed from time to time as they can stain, but I don’t mind…


    • You are brave with the concrete. I love a concrete counter top too. Maybe when ever I get around to the basement I will put in a concrete counter top for the small bar area I’m planning.

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