Create Your Own Art Wall Art!

If you follow home trends even minimally you would have noticed how popular personal art walls have become. As this trend has evolved the art and photo displays have become less formal and less “arranged”.  This means you no longer have to hang framed prints perfectly, instead put together random personal artifacts and photos.

About a year ago I started to play around with Instagram. I was hooked.  Since then I discovered ways to create incredible art from all sorts of free or inexpensive apps.  Photo apps are really fun to play with and in addition you will have some amazing art work you can feel proud to hang on your walls.

In the next few paragraphs I have condensed a fun and easy to understand photo apps e-book from Lynne Knowlton. You can download your own full version at

photo apps

Instagram 2photo apps

Instagram 22photo apps

Glaze 2photo appsGlaze 12photo apps

Camera + photo apps

Camera + 2photo apps

Hipstamatic photo apps

Hipstamatic 2photo apps

Hipstamatic photo app

Cartoon photo apps

cartoonatic photo app

Cartoonatic photo apps

Most of the apps listed above are programmed for the Apple phone or I-Pad.  If you have Android look up Snapseed, it’s one of my favorites.  It has a lot of filters but it can do a lot more than that.  What about your laptop?  Picmonkey is really fun and easy to work with.  It has filters, photo corrections, image size adjustments and you can add text to your photos.  Picmonkey is free for basic functions, it’s also great for holiday post card creations.  Fotor is a similar photo editor with more free basic features.  Check them all out and create your life art.  Have fun!


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