DIY Unique Storage Ideas

All homes need storage, and sometimes they need storage ideas that are a little new. We all get tired of buying plastic containers and bathroom organizers. Time to find some clever, unique and inventive storage ideas you never thought of! Check out these inspirational projects and ideas for small space storage in your home!

These simple boxes can be utilized in many other rooms.  The letters are easily attained at most craft stores.

nursery clever-storage-ideas

Check out these creative uses for re-cycled wood pallets. Great for a mud room! Consider using partial pallets from floor to ceiling for super storage.

Bins on casters are an easy DIY solution to storage problems… and if they slide under something, all the better!

metal bins on casters

Using a cup tree and coffee cups as office supply storage is genius…and if you can’t find your morning coffee cup, you have a stand in! Consider color coding the cups with the markers so you can easily identify the color group you’re looking for.

coffee cup-tree-office-storage

For a truly unique shelf system try using cement forms.  Consider painting them instead of leaving them in their natural state.

concrete forms as creative-space-product-design

Think about all the ways you can re-use product packaging that would other wise go to the garbage dump.  Most boxes can be easily covered with fabric, wrapping paper, duck tape or just plain paint.  This is great project for the kids and a good way to organize small things.

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