The Oscar for Best Sofa goes to….

Have you ever thought, if you could award your favorite furniture or decor items what would they be? Well, I think about it a lot.  I know, I’m obsessed.   If interior design enthusiasts held their own version of the Oscar awards for best decor items, color of the year and the like, I image it would look something like this:

Best Couch:  This couch was chosen based on an updated vintage style.  This couch can easily work with almost any decor. What makes this couch updated is the low tufted back and thin legs.  The color is somewhat ambiguous, somewhere between a grey and blue.

Carson couch

A soon to be classic sofa where mid-century meets traditional tufting

Best Supporting Side Chair:  An updated version of the traditional wing chair, this chair offers a paired down version of the comfortable chair.

Lambert updated wingchair

A new style concept inspired by the traditional wing chair

Best Coffee Table: This coffee table is made of reclaimed wood with metal finishings and wheels.  This is another one of those items that can update a room instantly because it’s a signature piece that can work with Modern, Contemporary, Rustic Chic, Industrial and Today’s Traditional decor.  Everyone seems to want a version of this coffee table.


Metal wheels and accents with reclaimed wood

Best Lamp: This year it was all about the lamp base.  This lamp like many of it’s look-a-likes have a scaled curvaseous base with a simple round shade.

black with gold rim lamp lmp1061

Best Area Rug:  This one was a real toss up.  There are many styles that are tops in this category, such as bold stripes and chevrons, washed out looking antique rugs and trellis designs. But in the end I think this contrasting neutral color rug is the winner, if only by a fibre.

black and white chevron area rug hrz1056-5373

Chevron inspired look area rug

Best Dining Table: If you bought a reclaimed wood anything you get an Oscar! The big trend this year has been reclaimed wood with it’s handmade rustic metal charm.  Reclaimed wood used as the foundation for a table or shelf fits in almost any decor.

Reclaimed wood top dining table HGDA322

Reclaimed wood top with plumbing style iron legs

Best Supporting Dining Chair: I’ve seen so many versions of the the timeless Bergere dining chair.  The wood frame has different carved versions and the stain color has endless possibilities.  It’s the designer chair that keeps on keeping-on.

bergere dining chair with grey seat

The ever popular Bergere chair

Best Chandelier: The somewhat simplified classical crystal chandelier refuses to go away.  If you installed one in any other area other than the dining room than you’re way ahead.

crystal drop chandelier 9008

Classic glass chandelier finished in polished brass

Best Hutch/Cabinet: There are two version of hutches that seem to be in a tie.  The hutch with the ladder has gained popularity and the same can be said for the rustic, shabby chic like display cabinet.  Most liked cabinets have two tone paint or stain.

Best Sideboard:  Seems simplicity is best when it comes to side boards, also known as buffets.  Again, the raw untreated wood version comes on top. This is the modern version but you can find traditional bleach wood versions.

natural wood buffet modern HGSR124

Best Kitchen Cabinetry: Not too many surprises here. White cupboards still comes on top, but two tone kitchen cabinets are really gaining momentum.

Best Counter top:  For quite some time now we’ve seen granite as the favorite counter top. There has been a shift away from granite to man-made material.  Designers like uniform patterns and colors that counter top materials like solid surface and quartz offer.  Many solid surface countertops are brand driven like Corian, Silestone, even LG offers a quartz version.

solid surface counter top and undermount sink

Best Kitchen Backsplash: Just about every shelter magazine I pick up these days has a white marble backsplash.  White marble is my personal favorite too and if it wasn’t for it’s porous nature I would have used it as my kitchen counter top.  If you love white marble but don’t want the anxious feeling you get when some one places a glass of red wine or a can of Coke on your white marble counter top than the best option is to install the marble on the backsplash. White marble now comes in a variety of tile shapes.

Best Table: What’s old is new again and you can see this with the table pick for this year – the Tulip table. First designed circa 1956, the Tulip table offers table top choices of marble, plastic or wood.  This mid-century classic makes it’s reappearance every few years.

the humble tulip table with white marble table top

The tulip table

Best chair: Another reborn classic is the bentwood chair.  Made famous by bistros around the world, it’s making it’s way back into your eating area.

black bentwood chair

Bentwood chair with caned seat

Best Console Table: This is a tough category with a huge selection because these tables are so versatile.  In the foyer or behind your couch these tables offer additional functional decorative storage.  I’ve gone with my gut choice with this chucky table with open bottom because I believe it’s much more useful to incorporate baskets or trunks for even more store below.

wood console

Simple and elegant natural wood console table

Best Bed Headboard:  What makes this headboard a winner is it’s tufted upholstery with nailhead detailing and wing inspired sides.

tufted headboard with nailheads

Tufted winged upholstered headboard

Best Ottoman:  The best ottoman is not a ottoman as all, but a pouf.  Poufs are a great way to add more seating options and designer detail to any space.  There are so many fabric options available for poufs.

Best Mirror:  The starburst mirror continues to out shine all others (I was trying to be cute).  I’ve seen a lot of DIY versions, sorry but, there is nothing that comes close to the real thing.

classic sunburst-mirror

Best Decorative Cushions:  The Greek Key pattern has been around since the Roman Empire and you know if it’s lasted this long, it’s a classic. Design and pattern is the real toss cushion attraction but it’s important to have a cushion that allows for functional placement.  That means the pillow or toss cushion as they are usually known, should include down fill.  Poly fiber fills, unlike down, are not malleable which sometimes can present a problem when trying to place a cushion on certain sofas or chairs.

Best Wall Decor: The Gallery Wall is the big winner by far. I love gallery walls because they are full of fun and creativity.

Best Color of the Year: Grey/Gray.  Look at Dulux’s Touch of Grey #287 or Benjamin Moore’s Barren Plain #2111-60.

grey paints-stains-and-glazes

The Raspberry for the most over used decor item is: Deer head and Antlers.  I hope I didn’t make you feel bad about this one. I have a deer head too.

As you can see there is something for everybody among the favorited and liked. This bit of Oscar award fun is not in any way scientific, but you did get to vote, that is if you pin items on Pinterest or view Houzz or like on Instagram.  My choices are completely based in impressions made on social media.  What do you think?  Would you have given these decor items above an Oscar?

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5 thoughts on “The Oscar for Best Sofa goes to….

  1. Thanks for this overview – very interesting. We like the eclectic range of design styles, and especially (of course!) the focus on reclaimed-wood pieces. Now, all you need to do you is make your “Oscars” a recognized annual event!

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