Modern Pastels

If you recall I created a post earlier this year on decorating trends for this year, 2014 Top 12 Decorating Trends.  In the post I discussed the new pastels. Our friends at Blue Bergitt have provided an in depth look at this fresh pallet.  This year’s pastels are not the soft baby hues we’ve been used to in the past. These pastels have an almost neon undertone which makes them anything but boring.  The market place will always want to have something for everyone, which is why brights are still very popular and but pastels are fighting for a place in your home.

Blue Bergitt

Pastel Pantone

I’ve been noticing a move towards pastels – particularly in modern interiors. The look is so delicate and fresh! So I cobbled these little vignettes together via Pinterest to demonstrate the updated look going on out there. (So sorry that I wasn’t able to credit all the great sources in the images below – if you think I’ve utilized your work unfairly, just let me know and “poof”; i’ll take it down.)


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