Trend Alert – Bone, Mother-of-Pearl and Horn!

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Bone, Mother of Pearl and Horn decorative accents are very popular. These pieces are signature pieces that can add the finishing touch to any decor.  A piece of furniture finished in bone or mother of pearl is an investment in timeless art.

The art of bone inlay is specific to the Udaipur region of India, where this intricate and delicate skill is handed down through the generations. To produce a piece of bone inlay furniture, three craftsmen are employed with each handling a specific role in creating these stunning pieces of furniture. One craftsman carves pieces of bone into intricate shapes, the second craftsman is responsible for affixing the bone onto the timber frame in beautiful and detailed patterns and the third fills in around the bone with resin to craft the background. This incredible process takes the craftsman on average up to one month to create.  Mother of Pearl usually comes from China or Egypt created in a similar fashion as noted above.  Bone inlay items are made of real discarded animal bone,  just like bone china is made of 50% animal bone.  Real horn from endangered species is no longer sold by reputable retailers. Today, horn is taken from cows and dyed.   I wanted to give you the back ground on these beautiful hand-made  pieces so you don’t feel guilty about enjoying them.

Because these pieces  are intricately detailed it’s best to use them sparingly as an attention grabbing accent.


One of the newest and fun trends is the use of these materials as door pulls or handles.  Think about updating a dresser with some of these knobs.


As you can see there are endless possibilities for bone inlay and mother of pearl found on chests, mirrors, frames and my favourite – trays.  Horn adapts to well to curved surfaces or carved into all sorts of objet d’art.


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