Report from The LARGEST Furnishings Trade Show in the World


greeting from highpoint


Twice a year furniture retailers and interior designers arrive at High Point, North Carolina from around the world.  The High Point Market is the largest furniture and home accessories trade show in the world and they have been showcasing furniture there for over 100 years. The “show” isn’t housed in just one building or two, nope, it takes up the entire down town. There are two main buildings for which most vendors have their showrooms, but it’s the down town stores turned showrooms I like best. There are still many large manufacturer brands you might recognize in and around High Point N.C.  for instance I’m sure if you’re a decorating enthusiast you’ve heard of Thomasville which is actually named after the near-by town.

There is a multitude of furniture specialists in the region.  If you are ever in the area it’s worth seeing some of the largest retail furniture space ever assembled which includes unique artisans making North Carolina furniture capital of the world.  You don’t have to venture far outside of High Point to see some leading and noted architectural anomalies, see below for what I mean.

Every six months this quaint colonial industry town is taken over by 75,000 visitors whose tired feet walk 11.5 million square feet of showroom space in 180 buildings.  There are similar trade shows all over the world and on previous posts I’ve discussed Maison et Object held in Paris, which is considered the home decor show from which all home decor trends spawn. Los Vegas has it’s own home furnishings show and at one time it was thought that the Vegas show would over take High Point Market, but nothing compares to High Point’s southern hospitality. I truly mean that. At High Point Market I’ve met some of the loveliest, interesting and inspiring people. Designed with socializing in mind or not, High Point encourages networking. It’s an added bonus that the booze flows freely during business hours too. Probably the only time it’s encouraged to drink and work at the same time.

In a nutshell High Point Market is to home furnishings what New York Fashion Week is to apparel, without the red carpet or celebrities, and you have to be part of the trade to attend. Of course I love to see all the new eye candy and since I’m easily distracted by shiny things it takes me a couple of days just to get through my favorite vendors.

Below is a very small showcase of what you might see at your local stores or through an interior designer over the next few weeks or so. Enjoy!






SUBTLE LUX (also my favorites!)

That’s all the pretty stuff, but it takes so much work to pull together a show like this.  The exhibitors and their exhibit companies work so hard to get it all done in time for the show.  You would think that 6 months is enough time between shows but have a look at this video and see just how much work shows like this take to prepare.  This video is courtesy of

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17 thoughts on “Report from The LARGEST Furnishings Trade Show in the World

  1. I would go nuts there, and be broke in under an hour. Thanks for sharing, wasn’t aware of it before!

  2. I love home shows and really love the “fixture” shows where you can see all the fancy faucets and showerheads. This was probably such a fun day! I go to these types of shows all the time. (I’m also addicted to craft fairs as well where you purchase items.)

    • Yea, I”m thinking about attending the next home improvements and construction show. A lot of my contractors talk the “their” show, when I show them something I think is new and wonderful, they say, yea I saw that at the show. AHhhhhh.

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