The Best Father’s Day Gift I’ve Become Obsessed With


Dinner on the deck

Dinner on the deck

Hey, it’s Father’s Day next Sunday and it’s got me thinking about what would make a good Father’s Day gift.  Then, it came to me, how a couple of weeks ago it was my dad’s 73rd birthday and I decided kind of last minute to host a Lobster bake and BBQ in our yard. The backyard was still in a state of chaos. With the nasty winter we had and the ice storm our very large tree fell and caused a huge mess. The brick patio was full of weeds and my patio furniture needed cleaning.  Despite all that needed to be done to spruce up the backyard I didn’t panic because we have a power washer.

So as you know, normally I write about decor, decorating ideas and recommendations. This post is about making your life a little easier, unless you are smarter than I and live in a condo or apartment. Last year for Father’s Day I gave my better half a power pressure washer. He is passionate about his car so I thought the power washer would make the perfect gift for someone who has every kind of tool and technical gadget.  After my first use of the power washer I was completely obsessed on finding other ways to use it. The worst thing about my back yard is the OCD causing weeds between the brick patio cracks. Instead of manually digging out one weed at a time I used the presser washer. That pressure washer blasted those suckers outta there! I felt like Lara Croft  of Tomb Raider, only I’m the Weed and Dirt Raider. No wonder men like powerful tools it makes you feel empowered. Seriously though, I used to sand my teak patio and chairs ever spring because I’d get tired of that greyed weathered look.  But no more! I’ve been liberated by the power washer. I’m amazed at what a power washer can accomplish.

weeds in patio cracks

Weeds, weeds, weeds – Pressure washer to the rescue!

When you first start using a pressure washer, take it slow.  I found myself taking off deeper wood layers than intended. Different water pressure nozzles  provide different streams of water, some of which can create interesting patterns if you’re not careful, but you can just call it art. I think the power went to my head.

The whole power washer thing has been a running joke with my family.  They couldn’t believe it when I said I was going to write a post on it. Especially when this post is not sponsored by any company or brand. I say why not?  I know it’s not sexy, but the first thing to do before decorating or entertaining is clean up the place. Also, I had no idea what a great tool it was until I gave it as a Father’s Day gift and ended up using it myself.

power washer used to clean wood patio table

Pressure washing the table

Here’s what to look for when considering a pressure power washer. First, decide what you’ll be using it for.  If you’re just cleaning driveways, concrete and siding I suggest a medium duty with at least 2000 PSI (pounds per square inch). Most models are available as gas powered or electric.  I don’t like the idea of having to lug around gasoline so I went for the electronic model and I’m completely happy with it. Choose a model that is easily portable.  It can be really annoying not to be able to take the unit where you need it or when it won’t stay up right. I suggest at least 3 different interchangeable water nozzle tips which allows you to customize the stream to the type of cleaning required. Decide if you need a detergent injection bottle which allows the mixture of detergent and water for more effective cleaning. Remember, a pressure washer is about making those tideus jobs around the house easier.  BIG TIP: if you live in season changing climates make sure you add anti-freeze fluid to the line just prior to the start of winter so water in the lines don’t freeze up, or just do what I did and store the pressure washer in the basement or anywhere that doesn’t get to the freezing point.

No more patio brick weeds

Weeds are gone!

Know what else?  If you make it look like you’re having a lot of fun with it (embellish a little) the kids will want in on the action. My son weeded the entire side of the house! In my excitement I don’t want to forget to tell you most of the sand in the brick patio joints will need new sand after “weeding” with the pressure washer.  Spreading patio brick joint sand is really easy , but make sure to buy polymer  sand (AKA magic sand) and spread it as per package instructions. Last year I used regular joint sand and the weeds and my OCD came back.  Trust me, pay the extra to keep the weeds from doing a reappearing act and and keep the ants from living rent free. As you can see I love the pressure washer I gave as a Father’s Day gift, and I’m sure the dad in your life will love one too.  This year I plan to give my better half a hammock (it’s OK he doesn’t read my blog anyway) and let him spend some time in it. Still thinking on a gift for my  73 year old dad? I’d love to give him a pressure washer, but he’s smarter than I and lives in a condo that has it’s own car washing stations. I’m looking for suggestions. So I thought you might like to see the “after” photos. My dad’s birthday was a beautiful sunny warm day spent with good food and family.

Our dog had a great time too. No, there was no beer in that bottle. No animals were drunk in the making of this post (maybe just the human kind). Hahah.

Dog drinking beer.

Our dog, Oscar drinking beer



4 thoughts on “The Best Father’s Day Gift I’ve Become Obsessed With

  1. Well this is a timely post! I just borrowed a pressure washer from my friend to do my brick patio for the first time. She did hers and it looks great. Your instructions and photos will really help. Great advice! I am looking forward to being “I’m the Weed And Dirt Raider”!

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