Home Decor Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2015

If you’re like me you can’t wait to see what’s next. We Connect Fashion Trends has forecasted next spring and summer’s hot trend colors and interiors.  Early indicators show we are going away from super brights to more grayed down color versions.

The Mid-Century Modern influence is evolving to mesh with today’s furnishings. This offering provides a lively and sleek atmosphere using light blues and seafoam green tones.  The combination of mustard-like yellow and seafoam blue are stunning together.  I love both palettes because they are so easy to live with even if you don’t like color. I really like this palette because it’s such a fresh version of those much loved, go-to colors.

Spring Summer 2015, home Furnishing and Interiors color trend report, mid century modern

This color palette presents an almost monochrome pastel like approach with it’s earthy browns, beiges and pinks. This Harmony palette is by far the easiest to work with because you can intertwine every one of these colors simultaneously. This palette is unique and on the far side of today’s bright color options.  I think of this palette as dreamy and romantic.

Spring Summer 2015, home Furnishing and Interiors color trend report, In Harmony

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