Living with Raw Naked Furnishings Design

As I set about writing this post I started thinking about all the new TV “reality” shows featuring naked participants. There’s Buying Naked, Dating Naked and last night I watched a new show called Utopia where the citizens of this new society agreed that clothes were optional.  Could there be a correlation between raw, naked wood trend and naked people? Unlikely, right? After all being naked and sitting on raw wood can’t be a good thing.

Using bare plywood panels has become all the rage particularly in modern decor. Architects and Interior Designers have loved using this raw material as the finished material. Basically plywood panels are wood left over pieces of wood laminated with industrial glues under pressure. The finished panel is naturally random and varied making it a great material that adds interest and texture to most rooms. It does take some courage to decorate with it, but it’s not that different than the wood paneling made popular in the 1970’s. Just like panelling of old restraint is called for.  Plywood like panelling should be used sparingly to create a focal point or accent, so don’t go crazy and finish every basement wall with it.  I think we’ve all learned that design lesson. Groovy right?

Here is a great example. The ply panels are effective at emphasizing the room height.

Plywood adds height to the room.

Plywood adds height to the room.

Plywood is a great material for builtins.

Too daring?  Another great option is to try out raw wood furniture. Everything from simple headboards to cool chairs.

The natural fit for raw wood panels has been flooring.  Finish the panels with high gloss lacquer or stencil a design.  Plywood floors are an inexpensive alternative to traditional strip flooring.

Furniture is an ideal use for plywood.  Designers are always testing the limits of plywood and coming up with different creative versions of typical furniture.

Some day I’d love to create a plywood cabinet kitchen.  I especially love combining raw wood panels with white.

As natural wood becomes a valuable natural resource it becomes apparent that we have to set priorities by which to utilize milled wood versus a by-product like plywood.  There is natural beauty in both so I hope you discovered something you might consider.

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