Today’s 9 Most Popular Decorating Styles!


Relaxed Contemporary styling

 We’ve all got style and we love to personalize it!  Home decor is just an extension of personal style.  Just like apparel, home decor goes through it’s fashion cycles.  So what’s the latest and greatest?  Well, overall decorating has become relaxed and casual.  That doesn’t mean an oversized leather-like reclining chair our dads had parked in front of the TV.  We want stylish furnishings but we don’t want it to be too fussy.  So no more roped off living rooms. Its become a feel-free-to-put-your-feet-up on the coffee table or ottoman acting as the coffee table style time.


Today's Tradional

Today’s Tradional

Today’s Traditional interiors are less formal than they used to be, but continues to included classical elements scaled down to represent today’s more casual style. Drapery is paired down without swags and toppers and fabric choices are usually subtle patterns and/or colours.  A marker of Traditional decor – rolled arms are typically found on couches and upholstered chairs.

 modern-design-livingroom-decorModern Decor could be considered the opposite of Traditional.  Modern is a very organized, scaled back disciplined style.  Not too much on show in Modern interiors.  Modern encompasses clean, simple but sophisticated design elements.  I personally love the sleek clean table tops with little on them, but I know I lack the discipline for it and my family does too. Modern decor often uses iconic furniture pieces from early 20th century architects and designers like Mies van der Roche, Eames and Le Corbusier amongst others. Interesting to note, these pieces in themselves are almost antiques. 

Contemporary Decor can be defined as the current and most relevant style of the moment. It’s really about fashion and one never knows how long it’s going to last.  Take stainless steel appliances for instance.  I don’t know how many trend articles I’ve read stating stainless steel finish will be replaced by so-and-so.  That goes to show you a contemporary trend can last 5 months or 15 years. Contemporary decor can sometimes be mistaken for Modern because of it’s simpler, clean lines.   Contemporary decor, in my opinion, is the most fun of all decor styles because of it’s ever evolving nature. So, what are the hot contemporary trends today? Pops of color, text, less but larger scale accessories and trellis patterns. 

Contemporary Deco 









design-rustic-chic-livingroomRustique Chic decor is a phrase I’ve coined to include Country, French Country, Shabby Chic and Farmhouse Modern.  Because the main elements of each of the above decorating styles include rustic and distressed items many types of furnishings can criss-cross each decor style.  I’m always been drawn to this style because of it’s inviting, casual, “down home” feel. This is one of those decorating styles people can go too far with.  Not everything needs to look like its been laying around weathering for years.                                                                                         

deisng-living-room-dining-room-glam-decorGlam Decor is as the name suggests – Glamorous!  It’s more formal, luxurious, often with sumptuous textures and scroll work.  Glam decor has had many evolutions over the years and you may have heard of Hollywood Regency which was one of it’s latest reincarnations. This decorating style can include demask prints on fabric or wallpaper and its usually layered with some form of  bling in the final touches. Decorating Glam style usually includes a crystal chandelier for that added sparkle.  This look tends to be more famine although, done properly it can also appeal to the male persuasion.

Industrial Chic

Industrial Chic

Industrial Chic decor is one of the most recent decorating styles to rise in popularity due to recycling or up cycling and loft conversion spaces.  I love the rawness of this style.  It does come across as more masculine in nature. Using what looks like found industrial objects and weathered woods to create a unique jazzed environment to entertain or unwind. You can take this look into another level of personalization by utilizing metal letters, old signs and machine parts.


Coastal Decor

Coastal Decor once only associated with sea side living has become mainstream.  Current Coastal decor is not displayed as a theme (that’s old school), but more of an all over design that inspires a calm and relaxed setting through the use of color, texture and the odd organic accessory. Coastal decor offers different variations too, so you can go from a very traditional version to a more modern version.

Retro Chic - fun and friendly

Retro Chic – fun and friendly

Vintage Chic takes it’s cue from something once considered old or passe. Vintage Chic consists of mainly mid-century modern furniture but can by definition include anything 30 to 100 years old.  Anything over 100 years old is considered an antique and will cost you a lot more than anything termed “vintage”.  This decor style can get your creative juices flowing and it’s a great way to recycle, but it’s become so popular that manufacturers have started to reproduce vintage style furnishings. You’ll probably hear (depending on how young you are) your mom or grandmother say, “I had something just like that”. What’s old is definitely new again!

Global Chic comprises of, as the name suggests, inspirations from world travels.  We are inspired by all the things we see, especially when it looks new to us.  Today’s Global Chic is inspired by natural manmade materials and Moroccan patterns and furnishings.  Another big influence are tropical elements encompassing colors found in tropical settings. Again this is not meant to be themed decor, but by incorporating ethnic design elements into your decor, it creates intrigue and interest.

There you have it, today’s most popular 9 decorating styles. Decorating is a simpler task when you know what you like and are able to categorize it. However, few people, even interior designers decorate strictly to one style, not only can it be difficult but it gets boring real fast too. Most interiors have a mix of 2 styles, but with different and not equal proportions. For instance if your style is primarily Traditional than most of your interiors are heavily weighted on the traditional style with a dash of contemporary or Rustique Chic, or Global Chic, etc.



6 thoughts on “Today’s 9 Most Popular Decorating Styles!

  1. I wondered what the difference between contemporary and modern was until this post. Thanks! Great post.

    • Thanks so much. The terms Contemporary and Modern are very often interchanged. Usually you can easily tell the difference between the two – Modern is minimalistic and Contemporary displays the latest trends.

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